There are 3 dimensions you need to know when dealing with, or choosing the correct Thermal Paper Roll for your terminal.  These dimensions are illustrated and explained in more detail below:


The most important measurement for your paper roll is the width. You can measure the width from the roll itself, or from a receipt that has already been printed.



The diameter of your roll can vary.  The larger the diameter of your roll, the 'longer' your roll is.  However, it is important that you do not purchase a roll that is too long, ie, too large a diameter as it 'may' not fit into your machine. Ensure you are aware of the largest diameter that your machine can accept.



If the paper roll just sits in your machine, without using a spindle, then this measurement is not important.  However, if your machine uses a spindle then you will need to ensure that the core of the roles you purchase are the correct size.



A Thermal Paper Roll measured 57x45x12 = Width x Diameter x Core.


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