Frequently Asked Questions


What size of paper do I need?

There are various sizes of paper for different terminals and you need to ensure that you choose the correct size of paper for your particular terminal.  If you are unsure which paper size you require, you can call us on 01698 843866 or 'Chat With Us' live at the bottom of this page.


How do I measure a roll?

You must remember that the dimensions of a paper roll are measured in width, diameter and core.  You can view more details on the dimensions of a paper roll here.


Are all paper rolls the same?

No.  Your specific machine may accept different lengths of roll, but will only accept a specific width of roll.


How does thermal paper work?

Thermal paper differs from other types of paper in that it has been pre-coated or drenched in chemicals.  These chemicals react when heated at a certain temperature.  An image is then produced on the thermal paper when it passes over the print head in the thermal printer.


Why do thermal paper receipts fade over time?

The image on the thermal paper is a result of a chemical reaction, as described above.  The chemical reaction is formed between colour forming matters which can undo themselves after time because of the fact that dyes will always be liable to go back to their original white state.  There are other factors, such as sunlight etc. which can fade thermal paper.


How long will my image on thermal paper last?

Quality paper rolls can last from approximately 5-7 years, while other, cheaper rolls may only give you 1-3 years maximum.


Do cheaper rolls save me money?

Not necessarily.  They can cause you a lot of problems in the form of damage to your printing equipments.  Cheaper and inferior paper rolls give you problems as they are often compromised in more than one way.


Can I order branded rolls from UKPR?

Yes.  Please call us for a no obligations discussion regarding your requirements and we can in turn provide you with a quote.


Is there a minimum order amount?

No.  UKPR do not have a minimum order amount, however, it is worthy of note that you will save huge amounts in terms of discount, the more boxes of paper rolls you order.


Can thermal paper rolls be recycled?

Yes.  Just like conventional paper, thermal paper rolls can be recycled in the correct waste system with ease.  









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